Thursday, April 26, 2007

Giant plaster anthill mold

This is really impressive, they took plaster and poured it into anthills to get a model of the tunnels and chambers. Of course, you know this guy will be the first against the wall come the Ant Invasion. Tip o' the hat to Geekologie

Anthill in plaster


Welcome to ModSchooler

Thank you for taking a look at my new blog, ModSchooler. I'm a homeschooling mother of two children in upstate New York. For us, homeschooling is about academic options and flexibility - not social isolation. We are an atheist family, and very interested in science, technology, history and literature. I find a lot of neat things during our educational adventures, and wanted to share information and ideas with other home educators, and anyone, who like to hack and modify, think and explore.

Right now, I'm learning my way around the WordPress interface, and will have some neat stuff to post very soon.