Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Silliness: Egg Molds

So I decided to set up an editorial calendar for ModSchooler, and today is Sunday Silliness. Today's silliness feature: hard boiled egg molds.

I picked up heart and star shaped egg molds a couple of weeks ago from Pearl River in NYC. You can find them locally in Albany (sometimes - stock varies) at the Asian Market on Colvin Avenue (my personal favorite in the area), or the giant Asian Supermarket on Central Avenue. Online, you can also find the ones I use here on, along with other shapes like a bunny and bear or a set with a fishie and a car.

Egg molds for hard boiled eggs bento box

I won a boatload of eggs from Egglands Best at BlogHer12. So, today I tried out the molds with some older eggs I had in the fridge already. Less-fresh eggs work best when hard boiling because the shells don't stick as much to the cooked egg inside when you go to peel them.

With only two molds, just two eggs could be molded at a time. The eggs need to be hot to work well, and you cool them in the molds. As a shortcut, I used a bowl of ice water to speed the cooling, in the hopes that the eggs left in the pan would stay hot enough to mold as I went along, two by two.

The molding process is pretty basic - put the peeled hot egg into the mold, line up the little bump thing on one half of the mold with the hole on the other side, squish the top down, and clip together.

Heart shaped egg mold step one

Egg mold step two - locked and loaded

Once the egg mold is locked and loaded, drop it in the ice water. You want to cool the egg completely so the shape is set. 10 minutes worked just great.
     Cool mold with egg in it in ice water for 10 minutes to set

Heart shaped egg from mold

The star shape was less exact, but still recognizable as a star.

Star-shaped egg mold

I did note that as the other eggs cooled while waiting to be put in the mold, the shapes got less exact. They still were mostly the mold shape, just not as well formed. Given the success of the first attempt, we'll be getting a bunch more molds to be able to do a big batch all at once.

One unfortunate photo angle revealed an unintended association on the heart-shaped egg. Of course, if you're 10 years old, this is HILARIOUS:

Heart shaped or is that a derriere?

Ignoring any potential scatological implications, my 10 year old and I proceeded to mold the rest of the eggs, which we then turned into deviled eggs. No pictures of that, as they were consumed immediately by the kids. Delicious!

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