Monday, September 3, 2012

Disorganized Desk Overhaul: Un-Filthed!

Last Monday, I started a project to Un-Filth my desk, inspired by the Martha Stewart home desk display at BlogHer12, and motivated by the UnF**k Your Habitat (UFYH) blog. Here's what I started with:

Messy Desk Long Shot

Messy Desk.JPG

The first day was the hardest, but I used the UFYH method of 20 minutes working and taking a 10 minute break to get myself in gear. Much paper was shredded, and much more was recycled. But even after one session, the results were so encouraging that it got progressively easier to continue. Piles of paper got sorted, tossed and filed as needed. Inboxes and storage areas were cleared out, and I found a bonus of $35 worth of unused gift cards that I'd forgotten about. They are now in my wallet, ready for action.

Though the desk area wasn't perfect on the first day, there was enough cleared to give me back a nice spot for my laptop, which made keeping up with writing and administrative tasks much less of a headache. Bill paying was done in no time too, since I started utilizing my accordion file. I'd set it up ages ago, with smart labels and everything, but had started piling things in haphazardly over the past few months. Gaining momentum to organize, and stay that way, was easy when I could tell myself that I only had to slog through for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time.

 As of now, this is the result of the past week's efforts:

UnFilthed Desk long shot

Unfilthed Desk closeup

Future plans include adding a magnetic bulletin board on the main wall, and I'm thinking about some task lighting mounted on the bottom of the lower shelf. But for now, it's a million times more pleasant, and functional. Major props to Team UFYH!

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