Thursday, July 19, 2012

Awesome Gluten Free Bakery in Philly

Over on Albany Kid Family Travel I have another post up from our Philadelphia trip, this one is about Taffets Bakery in the Italian Market section of South Philly. Best gluten-free bread I've ever had. Actually, their teff and quinoa loaves are some of the best of any kind of bread I've ever had, period!

Look at this grilled cheese sammich I made with their quinoa sandwich loaf.

Taffets quinoa bread grilled cheese sandwich.JPG

Just look at it!

Taffets Bakery Philadelphia gluten free bread makes grilled cheese awesome.jpg Read the whole story of my visit to Taffets on Albany Kid.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heartworm In Dogs: Make Your Own Preventative & Save

It's mosquito season again, and that means heartworm risk is high for your dog. Monthly heartworm preventative is essential for their health, but it can get expensive when you have a large dog. Or many large dogs, as in my case!

Luckily, you can make your own monthly heartworm preventative for pennies per dose, from ingredients that are the same as found in name brands that use Ivermectin and Pyrantel Pamoate This recipe even prevents and removes other parasites, like roundworms hookworms if given monthly. You need to be smart and able to do basic math and measurements accurately. You also should not use any heartworm prevention medicine that contains Ivermectin (brand name or homemade) if you have a white-footed breed, such as collies, as they have been shown to have severe intolerances to Ivermectin, and you may seriously injure, or even kill, your beloved pet.

Here's a video tutorial I did on the subject, with more details on sourcing ingredients, calculating doses and mixing up a tasty treat for your dog:

Note that there have been reports of breakthrough heartworm infections in some dogs that were prescribed Ivermectin and other heartworm preventatives, including brands Interceptor, Sentinel, and Heartguard. There is a lot of detail to go into, I'll refer you to the following for more in-depth information:

Heartworm Society Canine Guidelines

Your Pet's Best Friend: Heartworm preventive medicines may not be 100% effective.

The info given here is meant to be a starting point for a discussion with your own veterinarian, and is NOT IN ANY WAY intended to be a substitute for their medical advice. Do your research, and don't just run off and do what some random internet lady says she does without making sure it will work for you and your pet.