What is ModSchooler?

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ModSchooler is a blog by and for modern homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers looking for interesting ideas for academic enrichment.   As a Generation-X, atheist mom who loves science and technology, I wanted to have a place for me and my family to post about interesting tweaks, hacks, field trips and other cool resources that are useful and fun in our educational endeavors.

My hope is that ModSchooler will be informative, and that readers will feel free to add their own ideas and comments to share with all of us.

About Me

My IRL name is Gina Martin and I live in Coxsackie, located in the beautiful Hudson River Valley of New York with my husband and our two children, two Rottweilers and one Rottie mix, and two crotchety old cats. I am a contributing author on the family travel and educational enrichment blog Albany Kid Family Travel, and on the Capital Region of NY's community food policy and cooking blog, the From Scratch Club.   ModSchooler allows me to indulge my tech fancy and gadget-hound tendencies, all in the name of making learning fun and engaging.  I like to cook, and multiple food allergies and family health issues have challenged me to develop healthy but delicious homemade treats and staples that can pass for "regular" food. In my not-so-spare time I help rescue abused and abandoned dogs and cats through Rottie Empire Rescue.

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  1. Hi Gina, my name is Faye and I'm a chef and mom down in Queens and the creator of dinnerlist.com. If you have a minute I would love your thoughts on the possibility of creating a dinnerlist(group) for kids in your area, homeschooled or not, who want to know more about cooking/baking/what their friends are cooking/baking and where they like to eat out. Dinnerlist.com is sort of like a food version of facebook, except that you can save recipes, bookmark links to food sites, restaurants and of course post photos and video. It would be a great way to learn from each other, and I am always available on line as a resource. I look forward to hearing from you and all my best, Faye